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Why Choose ECS

Constantly Evolving Strata Management Solutions 

We Offer Constantly Evolving Management Solutions

There are many reasons property managers come to East Coast Strata for the management of their strata and community plans.
The most obvious is our progressive and cutting edge strata management software.
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Save Time and Money

Our use of advanced technology allows us to offer very competitive management fees for strata and community plans of all sizes.
Cost-saving measures are constantly being introduced, allowing many Owners Corporations to reduce overall costs and curtail levies, for the first time in their history.

We also value your time and as such will work to reduce the amount of time required to manage your strata. If you have an active Exec Committee, we will act purely in an advising and accounting capacity. Otherwise, we can take on the full responsibilities of the Owners Corporation for your strata plan.

Hands-on Management

Here at ECS, we deliver professional strata management, not just bookkeeping. We regularly conduct on-site inspections of each complex to ensure the property is being satisfactorily maintained. 
We are also available anytime to meet Executive Committee members’ on-site as necessary. 

Qualified Advice

Whilst many competitors only employ registered strata managers, allowing them to handle assets worth millions of dollars, all our staff members are qualified in strata management. You will be dealing with a licensed strata manager and a registered assistant strata manager, thus ensuring you are receiving qualified advice for each strata complex.

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