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Frequently Asked Questions

At East Coast Strata you will always know what is going on with your strata, thanks to our innovative software and dedicated managers.
We are the ideal choice if you are looking to change strata management companies in the East Coast of New South Wales. For more information, please have a look at our FAQ’s below.
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Some of my possessions were in the garage and have been damaged. Who is responsible?

The owner or occupier is responsible, however they may be able to claim on their contents insurance policy.

I did not get a levy notice so I haven’t paid anything for a while. Is this a problem?

Your levies must be paid whether or not you receive a notice. These can be paid any time up until a meeting starts. Unpaid levies mean you will not be able to vote at meetings. Your current address must be on the strata roll to receive notices of both levies and meetings.

How do I pay my levies?
Simply refer to the bottom third of your levy notice or click “Pay Levies” at the top of the page and follow instructions from there.

How much influence do we have over the managing agent?

The managing agent is the employee of the Owners Corporation. They can offer advice and direction, but final authority lies with the Owners Corporation.

I filled out a maintenance form but the repair process is taking a while to start. What should I do? 

Speak to the secretary or a strata managing agent to find out how the matter is progressing. If repairs are being delayed you can lodge an application for mediation with Fair Trading.

We spent a lot of meeting time talking about a matter that is not on the agenda and then people voted on it. Is this okay? 

Only matters on the agenda can be voted on and resolved. Other matters may be discussed, but need to be put on the agenda for the next meeting for a vote.

I want to get a dog. Do I need permission from the Owners Corporation? 
Check your by-laws first. Some schemes allow pets with permission, while others do not at all. If your by-law allows pets, make a written request to the Owners Corporation, including any information to support your request (i.e. type of dog, how you will look after it and so on).

How do I submit an online proxy form?
Simply follow the “Proxy Form” link from our home page and complete all necessary fields. You will require your online access user name and password to verify your identity. If you require these details please complete a request from our “Contact Us” page and we will arrange the information for you.

For further questions please feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 295 297 or by email on

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